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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Only available at T & G  counters at toll plaza offices and such, not at tambah nilai lanes.
 Salam/Hi friends - for your info and to check your Touch N Go & Tagged Cards for the rebates accumulated in your cards.

Please read the info i received from my email: 

Recently I was talking to a friend, who travels alot during the course of the business. He told me out of curiousity, he heard about the rebates toll users are entitled to. So he asked the person at the toll office (where you can top up your Touch N Go (like those in Sg Besi, Ayer Keroh, Sg Buloh, Bkt Raja and the one entering Shah Alam) about the rebate when he went there for a top up. She told him that the rebates you have accumulated need to be credited to your Touch N Go "within" 6 months. Otherwise, the rebates will be extinguish (that is "kaput").if not credited to your Touch N Go within this period. To his surprise, he got a rebate of RM468.

My mate told me since I always travel down to Singapore regularly, I should go and check it out what rebates I have and do it fast. So, this morning, on my way to Melaka, I stopped at Ayer Keroh toll to check my rebates. To my surprise, I have got RM58 and this amount was transferred to top up my Touch N Go card. What a pleasant surprise. Imagine, if I had heard about it earlier, I could have checked it earlier last year when I had to drive down to Singapore once every fortnight.

So, for those of you who use the Tagged or Touch N Go card, go and check it out. Imagine the millions of $$$ Touch N Go operators have saved from giving out the rebates to deserving customers. Remember,you can only claim the rebates at the Toll area where you can top up your card. You cant get the rebates done when you top up your Touch N Go card in other places like ATM Machine, Bank, online, 7 Eleven etc... MUST BE AT TOLL Centre.

Touch N Go did announced it in the newspapers very briefly but little info or brochures were given out for obvious reasons. Wouldn't you do the same if you were the operator?

*p/s: to those who haven't redeemed your rebates, hurry up..while 'stocks' last ^_^

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